Our Jr. program believes in building healthy habits early in life.
With co-ed classes designed to feel more like fun and less like a workout!

Join us!

Register below for our innovative 'KuKa Workshop'.

An exciting experience of skill building, team work and technique. Students will have a special live performance at the end of the season!

"KuKua" 1 Students - March 2017

Thank You! See You in Class!

Of Heart Jr.

            Legacy TM                                            

Shake Up Family Time!

Start a new tradition and bond with your love ones thru music & movement! Not your regular “mommy-and-me” class, instead invite the whole family: Mom, Dad, Grandma, Granddad - lets dance!

Street  Rhythm J r..           

Its an urban fusion! Hip - Hop, Jazz & Contemporary blended to create a class of inspiration & individuality!

*all Ages Welcomed*

REP UP jr.


Turn Your Next Event into A



Teaching precision and timing through repetition - time to bring the energy!

Choose from a variety of themes to shake up your party or event:

 - Happy Hip Hop

- Cheer! Cheer!

- Neon Glow

- Breakdance Breakdown

- Tiny Tumblers


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