"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21

Of Heart Fitness is rooted in the beauty of dance & the power of fitness...



By merging the two worlds, our innovative dance- fitness program is designed to enhance physical, mental & spiritual betterment using movement.



With our mission


"Achieving New Milestones & Creating New Comfort Zones

Thru Dance-Fitness."

We encourage our clients to embrace our full body experience of self-expression by enjoying our classes that focus on core, conditioning and cardio.

Why O.H.F.?

Our instructors are trained, experienced and professional to ensure each session is:

- Committed to results

- Consistent with providing a quality experience

- Community based to service all ages

 "O.H.F. is founded in the wellness of  commitment, consistency and community."

 - Egypt Dudley        C.E.O.